About Us


Open Minded Market is a “HandMade” art Collective started by digital artist Jamison Lammers in 2021 with the hopes of bringing the festival lifestyle into an online market! We specialize in, but are not limited to, visionary art, psychedelic art, jewelry and many forms of apparel.


Located in Denver, Colorado our collective is fueled by the substantial amount of local talent and mutual love for the Music and Art industry. Locally owned and operated, we ensure that our artists receive most of the profit while providing high quality fully customizable art and apparel!


Welcome to the Open Minded Market – Made, by the People, for the People!

Our Misson

Our Mission is to help create an Open Minded Community that promotes positivity, artistic growth and everlasting relationships. Our Community is built upon a foundation of everyday artists just like you and I! There are so many talented creators out there that have an enormous amount of passion and love for art, but don’t have an outlet or the money/experience needed to market their own creations. We want to create a positive environment where we can all learn and grow together and become that outlet!